Saturday, April 24, 2010

Come have a Great Time in Key West with CityView!

CityView Trolleys have rolled on to the streets of Key West, Florida! Our silver trolleys got moving with great success. News media outlet Key West newspapers reported locals lining the streets applauding along the sidewalks as the vehicles rolled down the streets. Shopkeepers gave thumbs up. Drivers rang the bells on the trolleys. Such a warm welcome...and of course that is how it should be since Key West is filled with great people, businesses and visitors.

Right now, CityView Trolleys is offering the best value for the lowest prices in town. Our tickets prices are beyond compare. Our drivers are friendly, helpful and fun...and what more could you want! Ride our luxury silver trolleys with padded seating. See the sites, hear the history. Hop on and off at all of our stops.

Just look for the folks with the yellow shirts and the silver trolleys! These folks can tell you where to buy your tickets. OR.....go to our ticket purchasing page on our website at!

Remember...once you are on board - relax and have fun!

Welcome to CityView Trolleys!

Hello everyone! Welcome to the new CityView Trolley Blog for your reading pleasure. We will be posting all of the great fun you can have on CityView Trolley Tours, specials we will be running and some of the sights and sounds happening along the way on your tours.

Our trolley tours run in Boston, Massachusetts and in sunny Key West, Florida! Go your tickets online, step on board. Then hop on and off at any of our stops during the day. When you hop off...visit attractions at each stop, have something to eat, shop or stroll around the area. Then hop back on and go to the next stop! It is that easy!

See you soon on a CityView Trolley Tour!!